Brandishing a Weapon in Virginia

 In the state of Virginia, it is serious crime. These crimes are punishable by the fines, and jail according to the condition of the crime. Some important elements are essential in the state of law and it includes pointing, brandishing air, or by the fake weapon and holding the fake weapon. For example someone threatens you by the deadly weapon no matter, they have a license. But it is very unlawful for the person who violates the law. A person who has guilty of doing this offense shall be fined with the 50dollars or more than the 1000 dollars and confined to the jail for 1 year or more. Brandishing a Weapon laws is in the section of 18.2-282 in this state, brandishing is defined as pointing and holding the thing that is similar to the real weapon.  It is very wide offense and applied to the private interaction. It means that if anybody pulled out the weapon or anything that looks like a weapon that causes fear and intense mental disturbance. If somebody used a weapon, wave the weapon or anything that looks like the weapon in the public place, this situation is called as brandishing. It is taken under misdemeanor class 1 and in some types of cases; it may be considered a felony. It becomes a felony if a person doing this type of act near to the school or the other property buildings.


In Virginia, the penalties for brandishing may vary from case to case and it is a misdemeanor of class 1 if it occurs within the 1000 feet of school building. It also considered as class 6 felony. So in this state of law it is punishable by the law up to 12 months in prison in jail and the fine is taken up to 2500 dollars in the addition to this point act of felony is punishable very strictly and the sentence is up to 5 years in jail in some cases the court of the state increases it by the 12 months and the fine remains same that is 2500 dollars.

Lawyer’s Guide:

In this state, an experienced lawyer will help you more rather than an inexperienced one or the one who has not as much knowledge and experience. In Brandishing a Weapon cases there are a lot of benefits for hiring an attorney because they had seen these types of cases in the past. The gun lawyers are very experts and have potential to work out for you in order to achieve the defense and protection for you in this situation. It also depends on the circumstances of the case also.  There are many types of defenses for the person but all these are known to the attorney you hire, so it is the more important thing for you to discuss all the detail with them and gain the information about your case. They will describe you the consequences of the case and also the fine & penalties imposed on him/her. They also try to rescue you by giving pieces of evidence and argues related to your defense.