Hit and Run Charge in Loudoun Virginia

The hit and run charge in Loudoun Virginia happens when a person who is driving a vehicle, hits a person intentionally or unintentionally and runs away without helping. This particular act is considered as a serious offense. The hit and run case is filed as per the laws which come under the driving obligations.

The person as per the hit and run charge in Loudoun Virginia is expected to provide health aid by taking the victim to the nearest hospital and make sure that the person hit by the car must be not critical. The person on the driving seat ought to make sure that the local police is informed about the accident. Hit and run charge in Loudoun Virginia when referred the law also mandates certain actions that must be taken when a similar type of incident happens.

The law suggests that the person is also responsible even as a passenger on the vehicle. This happens when a person has taken a cab and the cab driver hits a person and runs away. The person sitting on the passenger’s side also be responsible for the act if he/she allows the driver to run after the accident. Hit and run charge in Loudoun Virginia would be filed against both driver and passenger.

As far as the penalties are concerned, the hit and run charge in Loudoun Virginia would identify the category of the accident. By category, the law means that the authorities would observe if the person held accountable was in the driver’s seat or the person was a passenger.

The penalties vary on this basis as the person who is driving is considered as the major responsibility for the accident. However, there is also a possibility that person on the passenger seat was forcing the driver to drive fast for any reason be it there was an influence of alcohol or any other reason.

The other possibility can also be that the person on the passenger’s seat has forced the driver at gunpoint to drive fast. The hit and run charge in Loudoun Virginia is filed after going through these steps considering different possibilities. Sometimes the driver who is the actually responsible for the hitting sets free because of the situation.

Other cases like fake accidents have also been seen in the videos shared by the drivers. People are deliberately trying to come in front of the car and are pretending to be hit so that they can be paid an amount of money by the authorities or the driver to avoid any prolonged legal court trial. The hit and run charge in Loudoun Virginia has to consider such fake accidents. This is the reason why people are putting cameras on the dashboard so that any such events can be resolved easily. These visual proofs are shown to the authorities in case the person is held accountable for the hit and run charge.

Moreover, the penalties are also categorized on the basis of severity. The two categories are called as misdemeanor or felony. A misdemeanor is a minor offense because the injury faced by the person hit does not face a serious injury. However, a felony is more of a serious offense as the person hit by the car has either faced serious injury or died. In this offense, the driver would face an extreme punishment up to a life sentence.