How to beat a grand larceny charge in Virginia

Grand larceny is the type of theft in which the person is liable to charge if he steals the property of more than $200 or more than $5 from the person(robbery). According to Virginia laws, the offender has to bear the charges according to his sin. There are strict rules on the penalties and no compromise is allowed. If the offender claims some mental problem or some other situation during the crime than there are chances of getting rid of heavy duty penalties.

How to get rid of charges?

In order to beat a grand larceny charge in Virginia, the first step the offender has to do is to hire the lawyer. Try to contact the capable, skillful and well experienced person in the field. The criminal lawyers in Virginia know different tricks and tactics to handle such type of cases. The legal advisor will discuss your case face to face. He will ask you some questions, answer him properly so that he can make a strong evidence and collect such mitigating factors that prove to be favorable.

Civil agreement

The civil agreement is the type of the document that an attorney prepares for you. According to this document, the other party will compensate for the lose occur and will forgive the offender. The thief also lends their money back. This is the very helpful situation if the victim compromises with the offender. This situation is only possible if the offender did crime due to some illness or very genuine problem like for treatment of any family member or under the pressure of some strong authority. Once the attorney file this document to the court, the jury will make a decision and dismiss the case from the court. This is happened when the case occurs at a small level. Usually, the large companies do not compromise and refuse to sign. One must not miss the opportunity always take a chance of this civil agreement may be luck goes in your favor.

Prove mental state during time of incident

Sometimes person makes offense when he is out of state like in drunk position or some traumatic condition.  These two conditions are powerful factors when person perform actions unintentionally. To prove your medical state the attorney may take help of witnesses or cctv footage as well as previous medical reports. If they are positive then there are a lot of chances to beat grand larceny charges and you will get out of jail in short time or have to pay less fine.

Always hire a lawyer from a reputable firm. This is because the experienced lawyers have knowledge of handling such type of cases. The legal advisor gathers different facts and figures to make case in favor of you. If you have some mitigating factors help your attorney to add in your case. In this way when the case is passed to the jury, they make a decision in favor of you and reduce the fine as well as jail time as mentioned in the law schedules.