Is Driving Without a License a Felony in Hanover

In order to drive a car in Hanover, you need to have a driving license. Driving without a license is illegal and could lead to serious consequences. In every state, it is illegal to drive a car when:

  • The car’s driver has never been delivered a valid driver license in the state
  • The driver has a suspended or cancelled driving license
  • The driver license is below the age of 16 and does not have a valid driving license

Penalties for Driving Without a Valid Driver’s License

The penalty for driving without a license varies from state to state. Different states apply their own punishments for drivers who operate cars without their licenses. The sum of a fine for driving without a license can also differ based on how many times an individual has been quoted. First-time criminals normally receive lesser fines, while multiple offenders might have to pay larger sums. Along with this, there is also an increase in the insurance costs.

If a person is first time offender of driving without a license in Hanover Virginia, it will be considered as misdemeanor not a felony. A Class 2 misdemeanor has a punishment of 6 month time in jail and a fine of $1,000.A following or third crime is also a Class 1 misdemeanor which has a sentence of 1 year in jail and a $2,500 fine. For every driving without a license crime in Hanover, Virginia the court might suspend your driving privileges for 90 days. It is central to streamline the meaning of Virginia’s driving without a license act. By doing this, you’ll have a pure understanding of the valid law, as well as any defense that might relate to your case.

When you forget To Carry your License

People at times forget and drive off without their license, but rest guaranteed those individuals do not get pulled off to the police station only for failing to carry their license on them. These individuals can typically prove that they do, in fact, have legal licenses by other means. But the responsibility is on the driver to verify valid licensure after a permit or citation has already been issued. When an officer cites you for driving without a license, you must go to court on the listed court date in order to secure against it. While driving without a license is a comparatively minor offense, it’s however a misdemeanor in some of the states like Hanover. A sentence would show up on your criminal record.

While it’s significant to carry a driving license with you every time you sit behind the wheel of a vehicle, there might be cases where you forget to grab your wallet, don’t get your license has been suspended, or else lack a legal license. Each situation is a little changed, and you might want to speak with a traffic ticket attorney if your condition is particularly difficult.