Traffic Tools Used To Catch Speeding Offenders In Chesterfield

For more information or to discuss your case, call a Chesterfield Speed Ticket solicitor today or arrange counselling. The weight of the radar evidence in court is very considerable, and this tool has become the most important method for officials not only to determine your speed, but also to prove it to the court. You should know this and discuss with your lawyer what you think about using this method.

For years, there have been studies showing just how accurate these devices are, and judges will accept them as fact. However, in court in Chesterfield there is a major reservation about the use of radar. Officials must provide evidence of maintenance and calibration of these radars. If they can prove this, the judge will not accept the radar as accurate.

If they can prove a problem with the maintenance of the radar or that its readings are faulty, they will receive a reduced or rejected fee. They must also prove that they have calibrated their own speedometer to determine whether it works or not, how much it reads. You can determine this by correctly calibrating a radar within six months of a stop and checking the tuning fork before and after an officer shift.

The radar used in Virginia is extremely accurate and is regularly maintained. The device has been tested so many times that we wonder why the court has accepted its reading as fact.

There is a problem that arises when the radar is not properly maintained and the records are not accurate. If an official cannot prove that the device is not properly maintained, the case can be reduced or dismissed. It is possible to raise the issue of the officer’s radar control on other vehicles, but this is extremely difficult to prove. Independent evidence is required to prove that it is obstructing or blocking the other vehicle.

Radar devices are actually very user-friendly and officials are routinely trained in how to use them. In addition, operating errors are not the most common use of the device.

LIDAR devices have been shown to have some faults, but they are unusual and still occur. The problems with LIDAR devices are that they can occasionally lock themselves to more than one target at a time and exhibit disturbances that can sometimes be caused by direct sunlight, dust or air. It is also very difficult to prove operator errors. Problems with weapons are actually due to the maintenance of the weapons, as they are calibrated in good time.

Speed violations in Chesterfield occur when officers use their vehicle and speedometer to determine how fast someone is driving. Usually, officers determine the speed by following and, in rare cases, driving. However, there have been instances where officers have used this method to determine how fast someone was travelling, as in this case. Prove the accuracy of the speedometer on the vehicle. Prove that the vehicles and their speedometers were correctly calibrated and functioning on that day. Pace on a vehicle to determine an exact speed. Speed is permitted as evidence of speed, and the official must testify how long the speed was maintained and how it was brought to his attention.